Bhave Institute of Mental Health

Bhave Institute of Mental Health

About Us

Our foray into mental health care began in 1986, when Dr. Sudhir Bhave started his psychiatric center in Nagpur. Built on the foundations of his academic excellence and clinical skills, the center’s reputation soon spread far and wide, attracting psychiatric patients from not only the neighboring districts, but also from other states in the country and abroad. In 1993, Dr. Bhave was invited to be the founder of the department of psychiatry at the N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, where he still serves as a professor, allowing him to continue with his academic and research pursuits. Now he is one of the best psychiatrist in nagpur.

Our team, which has grown over the years, necessitated by the need to steadily improve patient care, now boasts an unparalleled four psychiatrists and two full time psychologists, together striving to provide a comprehensive, high quality experience and care to people of all ages suffering from a variety of psychological problems. The multi-specialty team ensures that most mental health care needs of our patients are met under one roof.

Vision Statement

The center aims to continue its high-quality care for the affected, and wishes to continue to expand the scope of its services over the years, depending on the advancements in the science and the art of mental health care. Research in mental health is progressing at a phenomenal rate, in both the neuro-biological sphere and the techniques of psychological assessment and therapies. We wish, at all times, to keep abreast of the latest in the field.

Our vision has always been, and will continue to be, to provide the latest, best and the most affordable care to all our patients.

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