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“How could medicines ever make something better that is in my brain?”

“You go to a psychiatrist, tell your problem, they give you meds and that’s it.”

…was what I thought before I met Dr Neha.

She dissolved every such belief and replaced it with a profound understanding of goal setting, measuring progress and how to prepare yourself for whatever is coming. Dr Neha did it through her deep experience with patients across the spectrum of mental health issues.

I was diagnosed with major depressive and anxiety disorder, severe panic attacks and was heavily inclined towards suicidal ideation. Suffice to say that even though I am not a fan of humans, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that.

Dr Neha’s approach is very holistic and specific for me. I found her asking me questions about my sleep, food patterns, my relationship with people that weren’t in the picture. And the most fascinating part of it all was that she didn’t really…”thurst” anything over me.

Once we built a bond of trust, I rode on that trust enough to even agree for some extreme measures that we had to undergo – Eectro Compulsive Therapy, 5 times.

Dr Neha’s medicines, her style in taking it one step at a time and measuring progress in a very unique way sets her patient up for independence.

I am one of those patients. She taught me that what happens to me in life is not in my control, how I react to it, prepare for it, is.

In a world of gimmicks and business-doctors, I found a person in Dr Neha whose actions and words reflected genuine desire to help the person in front of her.

I’d absolutely urge everyone to please, PLEASE, take professional help. I wouldn’t go any further than Dr Neha Bhave Salankar.

I was extremely lucky and am grateful to do so.

- – Mr Sahil Jaiswal

Dr Neha Salankar is my colleague and friend .I have sent my friends, colleagues and relatives for her expert advice.
She is very soft spoken, kind , patient listener, knowledgeable.

All of them have benefitted from her expert advice.

- – Dr Sameet Umate

 “I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety Disorder two years ago. I took therapy from Anagha Bhave ma’am for the same and it helped me immensely. The doctor prescribed me medication and it helped me deal with my symptoms well. I am off medication and therapy and at a very good place today. Thank you!”

- Ms. S

It was accurately 3 years back, I encountered myself into a vicious doom. Things were absolutely blue and so much so that I almost lost my confidence and will to live.There were exactly opposite days when I was in a cult euphoria or so much aggressive that I could even hit someone.🙄
After one such episode I urgently approached Dr.Bhaves clinic.He and his team help me understand that I was suffering from bipolar disorder.
After months of depression and idly lying on bed most hours of the day, with help of accurate medications and encouragement I am today actively living a purposeful life as a budding surgeon.
The contribution of the Bhave Clinic to the field of mental health in Nagpur is truly outstanding!
The doctors have given me time inspite of their extremely busy schedule and help me medically treat the disease.
Not just tablets made me sail through. It would have been impossible to understand, accept and win over my psychological and psychiatric  issues  without endless counseling sessions with Ms.Anagha Bhave who has now become a part and parcel of my daily life.
Their high knowledge, extraordinary experience and strong will to fight against the mental disorders makes people like me stand high with a hope to live.
Once thinking about ending my life, today I am looking forward to what more beautiful is coming my way. Right treatment with right people makes things better.More than my therapists they have been  my family.
If I can, everyone can.❤

- Ms. A

My daughter and I have been undergoing family therapy at the Bhave Clinic for the past two years. Counseling Psychologist Ms Anagha Bhave has been conducting the therapy very ably. Ms Bhave’s counseling sessions have been a life-saver for me through some major upheavals in my life. Ms Bhave is a highly ethical, competent and skilled psychologist and gives her best to every session. I strongly recommend her for ALL types of counseling.  I have also sought treatment and guidance from the psychiatrists at the Bhave Clinic. All the psychiatrists at the Bhave clinic are brilliant, dedicated and skilled practioners who show great humanity and professionalism in their dealings with their patients.  

- Ms. S

We got very fast relief with medicines given by ma’am. Also she gave less number of medicines as compared to other doctors. We were happy with the treatment.

- Ms. R

The doctor was very patient and gave us adequate time. We are thankful for her kindness and intelligence

- Mr. P

The doctor was very quick with the diagnosis and the treatment which worked very well for me.

- Mrs A

The team at this clinic is very cohesive. They collaborated very well on my case, seamlessly transitioning between the doctor and counselor whenever required. Hats off to the team.

- Ms T

My wife and I had a very good experience with the counselor at this clinic. She was pleasant and punctual and very skilled at her work.

- Mr D