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Our foray into mental health care began in 1986, when Dr. Sudhir Bhave started his psychiatric center in Nagpur. Built on the foundations of his academic excellence and clinical skills, the center’s reputation soon spread far and wide, attracting psychiatric patients from not only the neighboring districts, but also from other states in the country and abroad. In 1993, Dr. Bhave was invited to be the founder of the department of psychiatry at the N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, where he still serves as a professor, allowing him to continue with his academic and research pursuits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Depending on the type and severity of symptoms we make a diagnosis and in mild cases of neurotic illness we often lead with counseling. We also take patients wish into consideration whenever possible.
In most cases medicines can be discontinued after prescribed course is over ( which can range from few weeks to few years depending on duration and severity of illness). However in patients who have been suffering from illness for many years, life long maintenance treatment may be required.
This is a common misconception. All of psychiatry medications are tightly regulated by prescription. As long as doctor guidelines are followed correctly there is no risk of dependence. Only some sedatives and anti anxiety medications when overused hold risk of dependence.
Patients can take appointment for seeing either a psychiatrist or directly with a psychologist. However we prefer that one of the psychiatrists see the patient at first visit so as to rule out any neurological/ other medical issues, to make sure medications are required or not and if the patient is fit for/requires counseling. In cases where it is required we then refer the patient to a psychologist. Patients with 'soft' problems like relationship issues or adjustment problems can see the psychologist directly.
The frequency of follow up varies depending on severity of symptoms. It can range from once a week to once in few months for long term patients.
Yes everything from patient's identity to details discussed in the session are confidential. We only share the records of patients if patients permit or if ordered by court to do so.
The first session involves an introduction between the psychologist and the client. The client’s case paper, family history and presenting issues are discussed in detail. The psychologist may interview the client further regarding the issues that they are facing, based on this a treatment plan will be created by the psychologist and client. The duration of each session is around 45-60 minutes. Subsequent frequency of sessions is also discussed at this time. At the end of the session, clients are requested to sign a consent form highlighting the rules and privileges of counselling.
For the first appointment, your case history will be recorded by any of our mental health experts. Upon which, your case will be reviewed by a psychiatrist who would then decide to proceed either with counselling, medication, testing or a combination. This is done with the patient’s consent. If the patient is under 18 years of age, it is done with the guardian’s consent. For counselling, the earliest appointment will be given after the initial case history. Psychiatric services can be started the same day.

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