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Vidhi Maheshwari


Vidhi Maheshwari is a counseling psychologist based out of Nagpur. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Bryan Mawr College, USA and her masters in counseling psychology from Columbia University in New York. She sincerely believes that each individual has the power to heal from the past, live in the present, and shape their future. Her approach to therapy primarily focuses on the connection between recurring thoughts and behaviors. The aim is to identify and change faulty thought patterns with more positive and objective thoughts. She is a receptive and compassionate listener and strives to create a non-judgmental and safe space for clients to establish a positive alliance that best fits their needs and concerns. In addition to her clinical work, Vidhi is an avid yoga and meditation practitioner which allows her to incorporate mindfulness-based techniques and tools in her work. Mental health is a journey and she is here to walk this journey with you.