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Sakshi Heda

Career Counselor

Sakshi Heda is a Certified Career counsellor based out of Nagpur. She has completed her Graduation and Masters in Clinical psychology from Hislop college, Nagpur and is a certified career counsellor from I dream Careers, Delhi. 

With a professional background in Career counselling and clinical psychology, Sakshi understands what it’s like to be confused or lost while making career decisions. She does career counselling to support people in developing satisfying careers and believes that a good career choice is made of Interest+Personality+ Aptitude + values of a person and a lot of contributing factors to keep in mind, She strongly believes in knowing a client and understanding their lifestyle before planning a career. Sakshi has a passion for encouraging people and believes everyone has the potential to find a career that aligns with their life goals and offers top-notch support throughout the process. Sakshi is also trained in Rational emotive behavioural therapy and has expertise in therapy and soft skill management that provides her to work more efficiently to help and understand her clients to the core.