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Ms. Anagha Bhave

counselling psychologist

Anagha Bhave is a counselling psychologist based out of Nagpur. She got her Bachelor’s degree from St Xavier’s College in Mumbai and masters degree from Columbia University in New York. As she comes from a family of mental health professionals, familiarity with mental health since childhood has shown her the benefits of having open and honest conversations about this sensitive topic. She is also actively involved in understanding the impact of our lifestyle choices on our mental health. Her daily regime includes a meditation practice and physical exercise, as she believes our mind-body connection is to be nurtured. Today, in her own practice, she deals with clients from varied backgrounds facing different issues, but her agenda of spreading mental health awareness and working towards creating a more aware and empathic society is what drives her the
Achievements: Anagha has worked with various organizations that aim to improve the mental health landscape in India. She is currently an advisor for Therapize India, a one-of-a-kind platform that helps connect individuals with qualified mental health professionals. She is also a partner at Being, an organization that caters to people’s mental health needs through technology and at a low cost. Anagha has conducted various support groups alongside her practice of working with individuals and families to nurture their mental health needs. Anagha is trained in Rational Emotive
Behaviour Therapy from the Albert Ellis Institute in New York. She also has been selected to conduct various events and workshops in Nagpur and neighbouring districts. She has also been a consultant instructor with Matru Seva Sangh school of social work for a diploma counselling course.

Vision: Anagha’s primary aim is geared towards improving her clients’ mental health and making them emotionally independent individuals. She also strongly works in the area of community outreach programmes to create awareness and open dialogues around sensitive mental health issues both in person as well as through social media.