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Dr. Rashmi Bandelwar

Occupational Therapist

Dr. Rashmi Bandelwar is an Occupational Therapist based in Nagpur. She completed her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Government Medical College & Hospital, Nagpur; Masters in Occupational Therapy (Developmental Disabilities) from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal. 
Currently she is also working with Central India Institute of Medical Sciences (CIIMS), Nagpur.
During her masters, she was involved in a variety of settings for serving paediatric population. She has worked with all the age groups right from newborn neonates to geriatric population. Being a masters in paediatrics, she has worked closely with neonates, infants and children.  Her specialised interventions include Sensory Integration (SI), Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT), ADL training, NICU care, Feeding and Oromotor issues, Perceptual skills, etc.
Rashmi believes that “An Occupational Therapist helps to lead independence in the things that the patient wants to, needs to or are expected to do”. She will give you a different view of life by improving your quality of life and participation in the things you wish to do.